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About Up&Up

What is Up&Up?


What's an Up&Up Wallet?

Why is Up&Up better than traditional renting?

What is the difference between Up&Up and rent-to-own?

Why does Up&Up share rental profits with its renters?

What cities does Up&Up operate in?

Are there fees to work with Up&Up?

Building Your Wealth

How do I contribute to my Up&Up Wallet?
Do I have to contribute? What if I want a normal rental?
How does my wealth grow over time?
How am I impacted if a home repair is needed?
Can I lose money?
What are the risks of working with Up&Up?

Getting Started

How do I qualify to rent with Up&Up?
What is the process for choosing a home?
What is the timeline to move in?

At the End of Your Lease

What are my options at the end of my lease?
How much do I get back if I choose not to purchase the home?
If I transfer to another rental, do I have to make another initial contribution?

Purchasing the Home

Do I have to purchase the home?
Can I purchase the home any at time during my lease?
If I purchase the home, how is the purchase price determined?

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